Anytime Showers

Hosting an outdoor event where people may like shower facilities?

Anytime Showers has the solution!


Have you ever had to stand in line at a campground, waiting for an hour to take a shower in a barren, cold, WAY-too-public shower? Yeah, we have, too, and we were so uncomfortable with it we decided to solve the problem. We created a portable shower system on a semi trailer that has 21 individual bays, each with its own private dressing area, and we GUARANTEE hot water!


Our Commitments to You:

• Guaranteed hot shower every time

• Customer service attendant always onsite

• Twenty-one individual bays to accommodate large crowds easily

• Each bay has its own private dressing area

• Trailer is heated and cooled

• Full setup and breakdown done by our trained crew

• Showers are cleaned after EVERY use

• Shampoo, soap, towels, etc. are available for purchase onsite


Location Requirements:

• Fresh water is required. Water can be tanked in, or we can hook to a fire hydrant

• We need to have a space at least 80 feet long by 40 feet wide

• We can run gray water directly into a sewer, or we'll need to pump our holding tanks out.